Olive and Wallace street sign intersection in Bozeman, MT is the home of our marketing company

About Our Bozeman Marketing Company

Smart Marketing, Powerful, Measurable Results

Big Storm, a Bozeman digital marketing company, was founded in 2008 by Drew Schug as a one-man Search Engine Optimization and Web Design firm. Since that time our team has grown as well as our client base. Our arrival on the digital marketing scene happened many years prior and our experience covers a wide range of Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Web Analytics expertise.

Our team likes to produce wins for clients; whether it’s an increase in reach and revenue from Facebook, achieving higher clickthrough rates for highly sought keyword phrases, or designing a better website focused on leads and sales. Our marketing company uses data to showcase opportunities and make data-driven decisions for our clients and lead them to better solutions.

A Marketing Company With Your Best Interests In Mind

In simple terms Big Storm is a digital marketing, web design, and development company. We work strategically to implement fresh design, strategically design advertisements, and improve online user experiences for your customers. Our work benefits businesses who need a return on their investment. We aim to build relationships, direct, enhance, and create the best possible user experience that creates more business for our clients. Our difference: we measure it, rework it, and make it better.

Big Storm is based in Bozeman, Montana and has over 12 years of strategic and real-world experience with people who run profitable businesses online. We enjoy solving problems and challenges that intimidate others. We look forward to connecting and working with you to improve your business. Contact Us Today

Drew Schug principal at Big Storm
Drew Schug

Rooted in Bozeman Montana, Drew Schug is a digital marketer and strategic web designer who helps clients develop long-term vision and the necessary short-term tactics to achieve their marketing and sales goals. He brings over 16 years of business building and cost-saving experience to the projects he is involved with. Drew has worked with Fortune 500/publicly traded organizations as well as individual attorneys, real estate organizations, educational institutions, and side-by-side with marketing agencies. His diverse experience has ingrained in him the importance of measurable results and value creation that carries through to his interaction with each client.


Matt Konen marketing manager at Big Storm
Matt Konen
Marketing Manager

Matt Konen is a Technical Marketer at Big Storm, LLC. Since he joined Big Storm’s team of marketing professionals in 2011, he has excelled in delivering and executing digital marketing strategy for clients, applying his experience in PPC marketing, SEO, content writing, data analysis, and social media marketing to help clients achieve their business goals.


Serena Stapert graphic designer at Big Storm
Serena Stapert
Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Cody, Wyoming, Serena moved to Bozeman, Montana after receiving her AA in Graphic Design from Northwest College in 2012. After falling in love with the beautiful Montana mountains, she decided to return to school at Montana State University. Serena graduated with her BA in Graphic Design with Highest Honors in 2016. Here at Big Storm, she utilizes her skills to create innovative and effective online advertisements, as well as logo design and branding.

People Big Storm

  • Big Storm is THE ideal “web company” — not only do they have impressive SEO chops and extremely up-to-date skill-sets, but they’re easy to work with, too. Count on them to explain technical details in plain language and helpful metaphors to the average luddite (ie, me), then turn around and speak fluent “tech” with other web professionals.

    Kira Stoops - professional creative
    Kira Stoops
    Creative Strategist
  • Big Storm has an excellent knowledge base in the realm of Web SEO and Flash programing that have been valuable assets to us and our clients over the years.

    Cary Silberman - creative director
    Cary Silberman
    Creative Director
  • Drew has been a valuable asset in strategic and day-to-day management of SEO techniques and best practices at our e commerce organization. He adeptly identifies the the most efficient spend of an always tight marketing budget, and performs tasks quickly and efficiently. He is a pleasure to work with and remains flexible and adaptable to our on-going and ever-evolving needs and requests. If you’re looking for SEO expertise and a general web marketing professional, you will find Drew to be a great partner.

    Ivy Scull Burford - business owner
    Ivy Scull Burford
    Business Owner