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 Our social media marketing clients are always growing and changing. Here are a few we have proudly served over the years.

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Let’s Connect You With Your
Customers & Influencers

Your social media campaign is not simply measured by likes and followers. Your customers are people, just like you, and they demand to be treated that way. A great social media strategy incorporates viral marketing, inspiring your customers to talk about your brand, and amplifying the reach of your content. Manage your efforts properly, and your customers will do a large part of your advertising for you.

Specific, Measurable Goals
Why are you interacting with your customers through social media channels in the first place? Are you trying to spark buzz, word-of-mouth, or convince customers to try your product? How are you going to measure the success of those efforts? We help you answer the important questions first, to pave the way for a comprehensive and effective social strategy.

Deep, Descriptive Metrics
You don’t only want to know how many people have heard of you or subscribe to your content – you want to know how many people are talking about you and actively engaging with your brand.

Manage Your Reputation
We monitor customer attitude toward your brand and the content you’re posting in order to get ahead of any negative sentiment before it becomes a problem. If your strategies are working well and people are engaging positively with your content, we provide you with insight into what’s going right and how you can capitalize on it.

client viewing the Rudd&Co Facebook page managed by Big Storm in Bozeman, MT

Social Media Account Management

Maintaining a consistent presence on your social media profiles is an important component of any digital campaign. Increasing numbers of consumers are turning to social media to learn more about products and services, but it can be difficult to dedicate the time necessary to engage them. That’s where we come in.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers unrivaled demographic and interest targeting for its ads on both the Facebook and Instagram networks. We manage highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns that reach existing and potential customers with interest and demographic targeting, remarketing, look-a-like audiences, and more. We help you put your ads where your customers want to see them.

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LinkedIn Marketing & Consulting

LinkedIn can be very useful in reaching a more mature, established audience. If you’re looking to leverage your professional network and advertise to a more professional audience, we can help you.

Influencer Outreach

In addition to creating unique and shareable content and advertisements for your brand, we also reach out to influencers; like reviewers, bloggers, and other social media users. By providing them with samples of your product or service, we allow them to form their own opinions and share them with their followers. Creating social proof and spreading positive word-of-mouth about your product.

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Drew Schug working on Reputation Management at Big Storm in Bozeman, MT

Reputation Management

Sometimes you don’t have the time to respond to every comment on your Facebook posts. We can help. We neutralize negative situations while nurturing positive interactions and making your social media brand presence something your customers want to be a part of.

Reporting and Measurement

As with all our services, we employ cutting-edge analytics and measurement tactics to tell you what is and is not working, so you can spend your money where it will best benefit your business.

client taking notes on the measurable results of the Social Media Marketing that Big Storm initiated

What Our Social Media Marketing Clients Say

Working with Big Storm is one of our best partnerships! They have made marketing and website management not only something I can now understand but enjoy working on. They are responsive to all my questions/ideas and answer in a way I can actually understand. They have helped grow our business in all areas. So happy to have them as part of our team!
Tiffani Fehlmann

Owner, Kalm with Kava

Big Storm and I started working together in May of 2012. My new job came with what I interpreted as insurmountable challenges, along with unfinished projects. Their calm and professional demeanor put me at ease, as I learned more through their expertise. Within less than a year, our SEO has seen a tremendous leap. Our social media sites have become productive and cohesive. The synergy of this partnership is undeniable. I highly recommend Big Storm to help with any of your web/marketing challenges!

Kellie Ideson

Social Media Marketing Manager

Drew is a knowledgeable and motivating colleague. When I worked with Big Storm, he guided me in harnessing a small business’ strengths and character while moving towards greater growth and SEO and social media optimization without losing the identity and personalized service that kept the business unique in the industry.
Emily Christian

E-commerce Writer & Educator

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