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Pay Per Click Marketing

Quicker ROI · Immediate Feedback · Valuable Customer Data
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Our pay per click marketing clients are always growing and changing. Here are a few we have proudly served over the years.

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Vocal Co-Op or Vocal Credit Union
Rudd & Company

Big Storm Provides Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Campaigns for Large and Small Businesses

We create highly-targeted campaigns that put your ads in front of the right people using Google AdWords, Bing AdCenter,
and social media platforms.

PPC Marketing is not simply a cost-effective way to reach your customers and drive them to your website, it’s also an easy
and effective way to quickly gather data about your customers, including:

  • how customers search for your business
  • how they behave once they reach your website
  • how they buy from you

PPC campaigns provide quick return, immediate feedback on ad and landing page effectiveness, and valuable customer data. Read more about the effectiveness of PPC in our Montana Silversmiths case study.
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PPC advertising gives you incredible freedom to target the audience you want. We deploy highly-targeted ads that eliminate wasted coverage and help you get the most bang for your buck. From Google Adwords to social networks and more, we develop effective PPC marketing campaigns for businesses of all industries.

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Targeted Display Advertising

In addition to search network advertising, we offer targeted display advertising. Whether you want to use images or text ads, if you
want to put your ads in front of the widest available audience, this
is the option for you.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile-optimized PPC campaigns are a must-have if you’re considering paid digital advertising. Most Internet users own a smartphone or other mobile device, and we offer mobile-optimized PPC campaigns to capitalize on this large and growing market.

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Remarketing & Retargeting

When a customer visits your website and views a page or product, then leaves without converting or buying the product, remarketing and retargeting can come in handy. We put code on your website that puts a cookie on your customers’ computer and shows them relevant ads while they browse other websites. That way, they encounter an ad for the product they’ve been dreaming about and come back to your website to purchase it in the future. Learn more from our Montana Silversmiths case study.

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PPC Management

Don’t have time to manage your own PPC campaigns? Leave that to us. We perform weekly check-ups and continuous optimization of your PPC campaigns, to make sure your ads are hitting their targets in the most
cost-efficient way possible.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers interest and demographic-based targeting that allows you to reach a more specific audience than most other platforms. From sponsored posts to full-blown ads, Facebook gives you the freedom to share only content your customers care about with them. Learn more about Facebook advertising in our Montana Silversmiths case study.

Ivy Scull Burford - business owner

Drew has been a valuable asset in strategic and day-to-day management of SEO techniques and best practices at our e commerce organization. He adeptly identifies the the most efficient spend of an always tight marketing budget, and performs tasks quickly and efficiently. He is a pleasure to work with and remains flexible and adaptable to our on-going and ever-evolving needs and requests. If you’re looking for SEO expertise and a general web marketing professional, you will find Drew to be a great partner.

Ivy Scull Burford - Business Owner
Everdawn Charles - Real Estate Agent

Big Storm increased our SEO dramatically over the last couple of years, which has doubled our incoming traffic. Their staff demonstrates a high degree of expertise and their presentation is clear and immediately actionable. In addition, their style is open and inviting to questions (and they express appreciation for them) and willingly give their time to respond to questions thoroughly. The Big Storm staff is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their work which is infectious. They have proven themselves to be experts in their field and I certainly would recommend them to anyone.

Everdawn Charles - Real Estate Agent
Emily Christian - teacher

Drew is a knowledgeable and motivating colleague. When I worked with Big Storm, he guided me in harnessing a small business’ strengths and character while moving towards greater growth and SEO and social media optimization without loosing the identity and personalized service that kept the business unique in the industry.

Emily Christian - ECommerce Writer & Educator

Our Paid Search Process

The first thing we do when we set up a PPC campaign is work with our customers to define clear and actionable goals. Our
PPC Campaigns are built on a foundation of research into search and keyword trends and competitor analysis. A good understanding of customer search behavior, what your competitors are doing, your goals, and the costs involved in reaching those goals is critical to maximizing your return on investment. Once we have gathered data and developed a solid plan, we move forward with the project.

In the execution phase, we deploy your campaigns across several networks – Google, Bing, and social channels – to maximize the exposure of your business online.  We begin the process of data collection, conversion tracking, and initial testing to ensure that your campaign is running smoothly, and that your coverage and money are not being wasted.
Services Include:

  • Search Network Campaigns – text ads that appear near search results, triggered by keywords in a user search query
  • Display Network Campaigns – text, image, and video ads targeted by publication, interest, or keyword use
  • Geotargeted Campaigns – targeted at a specific geographic region
  • Remarketing Campaigns – useful for re-engaging with customers who visit your website and don’t convert
  • Custom Landing Pages – pages designed specifically for the PPC campaign to allow for easy purchase or converts

We use various analytic platforms with conversion code tracking on key pages to determine how customers entered your website, and the actions they took once they were there.

Using the data gathered through conversion tracking and traffic data, we adjust ads, landing pages, and budgets accordingly. This ensures that we don’t waste valuable resources and can provide you with the highest possible ROI.

Contact us to learn about our Pay Per Click Marketing, and how we can develop a customized strategy for your business.

To learn about our PPC services and how we can develop a customized acquisition strategy for your business, contact us today.