Graphic Design

Grow your audience with eye-catching traditional and digital advertisements

Digital & Traditional Design

Big Storm is a full-service graphic design firm. We offer branding, logo design, stationery, business cards, and traditional and digital advertisements to put your best foot forward and catch the eye of your target audience.

Whatever the project, we have you covered. Big Storm offers a wide range of design services to fit your needs. Contact us for more information about our digital design, print design, web design, and branding services.

Tarlow Stonecipher Weamer & Kelly, PLLC

Website, Logo, & Collateral Design

TSWK wanted their brand to stand out from the crowd with an updated look and feel. We provided these attorneys with a consistent brand which included an updated logo, business cards, print materials, and website design. We covered the colors, type selection, print production, and web development so they could quickly get their updated messaging in front of their clients. The result is a more polished brand that is professional, represents the firm, and is unique to the brand they are aiming for. Contact Big Storm today for your next graphic design project.

Thrive Lily Ball: Enchanted Forest

Promotional Materials

We were honored to provide graphic design services to an inspiring evening of support for the children and families who are impacted by Thrive’s signature programs. Big Storm created the save the dates, invites, print ads, and more for the 14th annual Lily Ball. We helped Thrive navigate the process of press-checks and more for their event. It was a great experience, and there was a great turnout for this amazing evening hosted by Hilton Garden Inn. Contact Big Storm today for your next graphic design project.

JG Research and Evaluation

CAST Handbook Design

The JG Research & Evaluation team approached Big Storm with the task of creating a clean and stylistically consistent handbook for their new program, CAST. We made sure that the functionality of the handbook was the main priority while also creating a fresh and simple design. To create a logical flow, we utilized bright accent colors to lead the viewer through the handbook and establish a visual connection from one section to the next. Hierarchy was created through subtle typographic changes of font weight and color, while using the same font family throughout for unity. The finished design highlights the content of the CAST handbook and successfully leads the reader from one section to the next using simple and consistent visual cues. Contact Big Storm today for your next graphic design project.


Google Ads & Landing Page Design

We developed a series of Google Display Network ads to promote whitepapers, research reports, and highly-targeted landing pages with lead generation forms for this Bozeman-based innovative mobile messaging software. These ads performed well with high click-through rates and lower ad spend, and generated awareness among users that either directly lead to conversions or were attributed to conversions through repeat visits to the website. Contact Big Storm today for your next graphic design project.

Mountain Heating and Cooling

Website, Illustration, & Vehicle Wrap Design

Corey Johnson from Mountain Heating & Cooling needed a new mascot for his Bozeman HVAC business that embraced the “eager-to-help” attitude of his brand. We were excited to take on this challenge to create a new illustration to fit the criteria. Working closely with Corey, we were able to bring his new mascot, Ole, to life. Ole is a 1950s-inspired, chipper, professional HVAC tech who is running from one job to the next with a smile on his face and tool chest in hand, who perfectly captures the friendly, professional essence of the Mountain Heating and Cooling brand. After the creation of the new Mountain HVAC mascot, we built custom graphics for the service vans to ensure the visual story and branding stays consistent in every aspect of the business. The result of our work with Corey can be seen all over town on the sides of the Mountain Heating & Cooling service vehicles and on the newly designed website we completed for them. Contact Big Storm today for your next graphic design project.


Google Ads

Remarketing and display ads go a long way when coupled with an effective cart abandonment email campaign. That was exactly the case for these PPC advertisements which were meant to win hearts and recapture abandoned carts. Apparel can be a tricky online sell and these grippy Elastic belts by Jelt are no exception. These ads and our Google Ads guidance helped move campaigns to the black and resulted in a positive return on advertising spend. Contact Big Storm today for your next graphic design project.


Logo Design

Each business has its own personality and individual goals. At Big Storm, we work closely with you to create custom logos that express your vision and identity.


Our expertise in website development ensures our finished product will fit your brand identity and support your business goals.


Digital design and advertising is a modern necessity for every business. Our experienced designers and marketing strategists work together with this goal in mind.


We combine custom design with this classic format to help your business stand out. We will help you design business cards that convey your brand’s unique style and personality.


Big Storm offers a wide range of Graphic Design services to fit your needs. Contact us for more information about our digital design, print design, web design, and branding services.

What Our Clients Say

Drew and his team are professional, organized, creative, and absolutely great to work with! They helped take my vision to a level beyond my imagination and invested themselves into my project as if it was their very own. I’m grateful for their dedication and continued follow-up and highly recommend them!

Zac Davis

Owner, High West Project Management

Drew and his team have been wonderful to us. They have been able to address so many things and simplify them for us. I am happy to recommend them to friends and have them also report that they are happy with their services.
Corey Johnson

Owner, Mountain Heating & Cooling

The Big Storm staff really took ownership of the project and worked with me to meet the seemingly impossible deadline we were under. Due to the creative nature of the project, continued communication was needed and Big Storm delivered a great product.

Patrick Murphy

Marketing Analyst


What is your creative process?

Picking colors and drawing shapes is often where painters begin in their process of creating what they feel. Graphic designers follow similar steps to other artists in terms of creativity, yet graphic designers’ creations tend to be more strategically-driven.

Our design team follows a series of tactical steps before we begin work. Our system ensures we deliver what our clients need. Every design we create addresses specific business objectives, and we follow a strict process to ensure that we help our clients achieve their goals:

  1. Brief the Project With Our Client & Team
  2. Research: Analyze the competition, internal branding, and more.
  3. Brainstorm and sketch ideas
  4. Create mockups and wireframes
  5. Build the design
  6. Present to stakeholders
  7. Refine the designs
  8. Send work to production

What sort of budgets do you work with?

We work on projects of all sizes and budgets. When scoping projects, we ask that our clients be upfront about what they are willing to spend so we know whether we can help you achieve your goals within your budget. We get many questions like: “How much is a website design? How much is a logo design? How much is branding? How much will it cost to hire you for graphic design?” The answers to these questions vary greatly depending on the scope of the project, and we need to have a general idea of your budget so we can provide the right service for your needs. Even if you don’t know exactly, a ballpark helps.

How much experience in design does your agency have?

Our core team has been working in design since 2000. We have over 30 years experience in design and marketing.

Do you have any specialties?

Yes. Our graphic designers primarily focus on advertising and website design projects, but our team also has deep experience in logos, business cards, web-press catalogs, event collateral and more. Watch out for marketing companies that deal mostly in business cards trying to set up an integrated eCommerce build for your organization. We like to integrate designs with your business strategies and across media channels.