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Establishing a Successful SaaS Brand with Multi-Channel Marketing

Check This Out is a cutting-edge SaaS company that created an SMS marketing platform tailored to drive word-of-mouth referrals for restaurants. With an innovative product in hand and a vision for revolutionizing the restaurant industry in mind, Check This Out needed expertise in multi-channel marketing strategies and positioning to establish their brand’s authority and presence in the marketplace. They sought an approach that nurtured clientele along the sales funnel and provided a seamless customer experience for leads. Check This Out aimed to solidify their software’s reputation as an impactful solution for restaurants looking to fill more seats.

First Course

As a new company, Check This Out had no established branding, positioning, or marketing in place. We positioned Check This Out as a modern, approachable, and polished SaaS business with creative marketing assets that met their goals and helped attract new customers.


Check This Out needed multi-channel marketing solutions to carve out their position in the market. This included content strategy services and resources that resonated with audiences about Check This Out’s referral software and their unique story. Our team created a sleek website and compelling visuals to convey Check This Out’s messaging clearly and promote engagement. These, along with robust organic social media, paid social media ads, Google Ads, and event marketing materials, created a seamless experience that drove sales.


Visuals & Web Design that Resonates with Restaurateurs 

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Our Creative Approach to Compelling Design

From Check This Out’s logo to their marketing materials and more, our design focused on incorporating clean, modern aesthetics. We used calming blues to convey a modern tech feeling and teal green to tie in the freshness of the restaurant industry. So, no matter what a potential client saw, all visual design brought a sense of seamless cohesiveness to Check This Out’s brand and positioned them as a solution which helps grow restaurant sales.

A Partnership That Grows Check This Out’s Brand

“I would refer Big Storm to any other business that’s in a similar space and is looking for the highest quality, most professional, results-driven digital marketing. I’m excited to see how we grow together!”

Nicholas Wickes, Founder & Owner
Check This Out graphic for "Mobile Messaging That Fills Seats"
Turning the Tables

Check This Out Found its Niche, Grew Sales

Check This Out began with a brilliant concept for helping restaurants reach more guests and fill tables. Since implementing a marketing strategy that established their expertise in the restaurant industry, they have continued to experience steady growth and are now scaling into markets nationwide. It’s a success story that Big Storm is excited to be a part of. With strategically-tailored positioning and a dedicated multi-channel marketing plan, Check This Out can continue growing their brand, making new sales, and reaching new possibilities. Learn how we can help you establish and grow your brand, contact us today.

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