Web Design for Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Montana Angling Co.

About Montana Angling Co.

Montana Angling Company provides fly fishing trips around the Yellowstone, Missouri, and Madison Rivers. They offer expert guides for fishing spots near Yellowstone National Park and assorted blue ribbon rivers across the Big Sky State. Max Yzaguirre, Owner and Outfitter of the Montana Angling Company, desired to elevate the Montana Angling brand so they stood out within the highly competitive field of guided fly fishing services. Max wanted more people to find them on search engines (like Google), convert more visitors into customers, and better showcase their fantastic guided trips. So when Max reached out to Big Storm for help reaching these goals, we were honored and excited to take on this challenge. We couldn’t wait to transform their website to boost customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, and, most importantly, book more guided fly fishing trips.

The Big Storm Approach

Montana Angling Company is a highly rated guided fly fishing company in the Gallatin Valley. Montana Angling Company has no trouble impressing and satisfying customers out on the river. However, their website did not reflect the quality of their services, their welcoming environment, and the unforgettable memories they gave customers. This quality mismatch posed an excellent opportunity to redesign the existing website. We helped Montana Angling Co. define simple goals: increase traffic to the website through organic search, allow their brand values to shine, and create a booking process that was time efficient and user-friendly. Big Storm’s Montana web design team worked closely with Max and Montana Angling Company to create a digital brand that improved their SEO, showcased their superior guided services, and booked more guided trips.

How Big Storm Helped

The initial project consisted of a search engine-friendly website built to generate leads for guided reservations. We performed keyword research, optimized the user experience, and established clear goals. We crafted the website with its ideal target audience in mind. Using professional and personal knowledge, we ensured the website was authentic for users and machines. We initially launched the new website in May 2019, increasing traffic and conversions.

During the pandemic, Big Storm helped improve the booking process through our Montana web design services. We created an advanced form that gave staff a clearer picture of what their clients wanted on their trip while meeting business needs by ensuring we gathered enough information. A better booking form helped Montana Angling Company streamline the booking process and schedule through the pandemic and beyond.

A New Look, More Traffic, and Advanced Contact Form

August 2019 vs. August 2020:


New Users
  • We worked directly with Max and his team to find the appropriate game plan that fit Montana Angling.
  • It has acquired new clients that match the target audience.


Organic SEO Traffic
  • We optimized our on-page content by integrating keyword research.
  • We provided guidance and suggestions for restructuring content.


Booking Inquiries
  • Designed and implemented an easy booking process through and advanced from.
  • Streamlined the booking process and schedule
  • Ensured form completions and declined bounce back rate through a user-friendly form


Contact Form Conversions
  • Set up tracking and goals to better understand acquisition sources.
  • Set up acquisition funnels to drive more form competitions.
  • Design and optimize landing pages and contact forms to drive more leads and increase booking.

What Montana Angling Says

“Big Storm did a truly excellent and professional job recreating the website for my business, the Montana Angling Company. I worked closely with members of the Big Storm team, who all worked hard and delivered a result beyond my expectations. Site traffic and conversions are all up, and I look forward to continuing working with them in the future.”

Max Yzaguirre

Owner & Outfitter, Montana Angling Co.