Device Marketing Case Study

TitinKM: Biomedical

About TitinKM Biomedical: Revolutionizing Shoulder Health

TitinKM Biomedical is a startup based in Bozeman, MT that designs biomedical technology to help support shoulder strengthening, conditioning, and rehabilitation. Their premier device, the Humero Tech C1, uses strength-building technology, movement-tracking sensors, and real-time data logging to help users and medical professionals track the shoulder rehab journey over time.

Dr. Kole Mickolio D.O., M.S.—Co-Founder and CEO of TitinKM Biomedical—wanted to build the TitinKM brand both online and with physical marketing materials. TitinKM had little experience in biomedical device marketing aside from using their logo to create banded merchandise for their team members. So when Kole reached out to Big Storm for help establishing and boosting their brand’s presence, we were excited to showcase their new biomedical technology.

TitinKM’s Challenges: Digital Marketing for Startups

TitinKM’s technology is revolutionary, so we knew they would have no trouble wow-ing potential clients and investors with their devices and impactful approach to shoulder health. However, to do so effectively, their team would need a tailored startup marketing strategy that addressed their two biggest needs: an online presence and marketing collateral.

As a startup company, TitinKM needed a solid digital presence so potential investors and buyers could learn more about their technology. Visitors needed to clearly see the advanced, unique nature of TitinKM’s devices and be encouraged to contact TitinKM’s team. Before contacting Big Storm, TitinKM had no website, photos, videos, social media accounts, or CRM software; they were a bootstrapped startup with no marketing materials. Also, TitinKM needed physical marketing materials to elevate their brand and educate investors while making in-person sales calls and showcasing their devices at trade shows. Having an online presence and physical marketing materials would help them raise funds and establish a foundation to streamline future sales and marketing efforts.

Big Storm’s Approach

Building an Optimized Online Presence

As part of our strategy, we knew our first step was to create an impactful website for TitinKM designed to attract, educate, and convert leads. In collaboration with the TitinKM team, we identified TitinKM’s target audiences and mapped out a plan to address both audiences’ needs and pain points throughout the site. We also developed fresh brand standards for TitinKM that reflected their company’s personality, goals, and vision. Armed with our new plan and sleek branding, we designed site pages and wrote copy tailored to educate leads about TitinKM’s technology, build trust, and drive leads to contact TitinKM for a demo. Our team optimized TitinKM’s site for SEO, targeting industry-specific keywords and phrases that would boost their brand’s visibility in search engines. Additionally, we set up social media accounts for TitinKM so they would have platforms to connect with leads, share valuable content, and solidify their brand identity. To improve TitinKM’s sales flow, we set up Hubspot CRM and Sales for their team and added their contacts from marketings in the healthcare and professional sports industries. We set up Google Analytics for their website and Hubspot account so their team could make data-based decisions and see the impact of their marketing efforts.

Titin shock and awe box items - Drink cooler, notebook, business baseball cards, pennant

Lead-Nurturing Marketing Collateral

The second step in TitinKM’s biomedical device marketing plan was creating a range of marketing collateral designed to educate and encourage leads. To enhance their digital presence, we developed a series of customized photo and video assets that showcased TitinKM’s products, informed leads about the features of TitinKM’s technology, and addressed the pain points of their target audiences. These assets were implemented on TitinKM’s website to enrich the site’s impact and shared on social media to extend TitinKM’s reach and credibility.

To strengthen their sales team’s outreach, we wrote and designed informational brochures that highlighted TitinKM’s unique approach to supporting shoulder health and educated leads about their technology’s innovative features. To make their brand stand out in trade shows and to customers, we designed a trade show booth for the sales team that reflected their new branding and created “Shock and Awe” boxes that included a selection of TitinKM-branded merchandise.

Our Results: A Robust Brand Built for Growth

By adopting a flexible, “listening-first” approach, we were able to create a cohesive biomedical device marketing plan that met and exceeded TitinKM’s goals. We blended quality web design, copywriting, SEO, photo & video creation, and other digital marketing tactics to ensure TitinKM delivered a consistent brand message and clearly communicated their value proposition to leads.

Since we started working with TitinKM in 2022, their web presence, funding, and lead generation have all increased dramatically:

TitinKM’s website sessions. have increased 70% since launching.

They were able to generate enough cash runway to fuel their sales efforts for 8 months.

They have raised ample funds for round progressions.

They have made a great impression on connections in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and major academic medical spaces.

Their increased call backs regarding sales meetings were credited in large part to the new marketing materials.

The CRM integration has streamlined TitinKM’s sales efforts.

What TitinKM Says

“Titin has benefited greatly from Big Storm’s work on many fronts. From a professional website, to our video content, to our printed materials and presence at conferences with excellent booths and materials. Our website is our central hub, which allows investors, and purchasers of our equipment to connect with us.”

Kole Mickolio

TitinKM Biomedical