10th Year Anniversary, Est. 2008
10 Projects We Are Proud Of

10 Years of Web Design & Marketing

Ten years ago, I said yes to being a business owner. Over that time, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. I’ve worked to take care of employees and support my family. When I left a somewhat stable job as a marketing and design director, I was a newlywed with no kids. It was energizing, scary, and exhilarating to be the master of my own fate. After 10 years, I find my passion and energy through doing great work for amazing companies with my team.

After 10 years of being in business, we are working to optimize our own “customer journey”. We take great pride in learning to be better at SEO, PPC, and Web Design,  and improving customer experiences. Rather than talk about our accomplishments or struggles, I want to share client wins. So I’ve listed 10 projects over the last 10 years that I am proud of. These might not be the prettiest, cleanest projects. Some clients are still with us and others have gone (acquired, shifted focus, etc. But these are projects that have made a difference, made me feel good, and kept me going. So here they are, in no particular order.

screenshot of the Right Now website homepage

1RightNow Technologies

Before Oracle was the largest employer in Bozeman, Montana, there was RightNow Technologies. I was lucky enough (thanks Merlyn) to land a subcontracting job with the Customer Experience company in March 2008. Subcontracting here gave me a better understanding of enterprise customer service and was an opportunity to build business connections. We transformed a cludgy website into a strong web 2.0 application built to sell their SaaS CX solution. We built the video section of the website. We also strategized and found solutions to the distribution of videos across networks. I learned the value of working with a great team. That great team included: Merlyn, Rory, Mariska, Dan, Tom, Emily, Kari, Kris, Keith, Adam, and many others. Over 5 years, we forged a new website, implemented Omniture, integrated blogs, built high-performing landing pages, improved reporting, built microsites, and much more. My time at RightNow gave me a better understanding of B2B customer experience enterprise software and the intricacies of working in a team environment.. I am blessed to have had this experience with one of Big Storm’s first clients. I learned so much and connected with some of the smartest and most talented people in the Montana.

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When Manifest Creative decided to close shop and move to Tennessee to take a job with Ramsey Solutions, they sent their clients our way. It was a bit of a challenge because many of their clients didn’t know what to expect. One client that stood out was Thrive. They had just finished a website redesign and needed a hand with management, hosting, and some minor updates. Over time, we gained their trust and were able to help with a few other projects. We reworked the homepage, optimized their non-profit Google Adwords account, and provided website support. We’ve donated a fair amount of our time because we believe in them and  support what they do for the Bozeman community. Vanessa, Anna, Molly and Lauren have all been a pleasure to work with and I love all the work they do in the valley for kids. Having two daughters of my own, I am excited for them to be a part of Thrive’s programs and proud of being to help a great client.

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Lilly Ball for Thrive Save the Date for 2018
screenshot of Wisetail LMS website homepage


I first met Justin Bigart when he hired Matt Griffith to build the Wisetail LMS. We spoke about doing things together someday. Five years later they were in a new building with more employees and a website that needed an overhaul. He introduced me to PK, Courtney, and the rest of the team. They poured their heart and soul into building an amazing LMS product, but did little to show it off through their website, which is their primary marketing channel. We helped them take it to the next level and make their LMS more visible online. They were and continue to be an ideal client. They balance great design with ideal user experience. We implemented solutions for SEO and marketing automation, and crafted landing pages that convert. Over time, we’ve worked with the team to make improvements that better their business. I am extremely proud of the work we have done together, but I take a greater pride in the lasting relationships I’ve developed with the team at Wisetail.

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1Fay Ranches

Fay Ranches first came to us for a small SEO assessment. They had redesigned their website and were not showing up in Google search results. The keywords and phrases they relied on were gone. A quick change to a website killed their search engine presence faster than a horse thief at 3am. We worked with other agencies to balance SEO and branding. Communicated with multiple operations managers and partners how we could better support them. Over the following 8 years, we breathed new life into the website by restructuring it for better user experience. We worked with them to set up value based goals to track website performance. Our team helped them build a presence on new (at the time) social media channels. We also helped them pilot and develop a digital distribution strategy for a new magazine targeted at land investors. We worked with Fay Ranches for 8 years and grew their online presence to new levels. I am proud of the relationships we forged with staff, partners, and vendors.

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screenshot of Fay Ranches website
screenshot of the Living Care Lifestyles new homepage

1Living Care Lifestyles

Contracted by our friends Confluence Digital, we deployed 10+ websites for the senior care communities owned and operated by Living Care Lifestyles. The new websites included job boards, location maps, and marketing automation. We improved their SEO presence, and provided a data-driven approach to their website development. Through this process, I learned a lot about senior care and how to better help those who are looking for a loved one. Understanding the user experience and designing with empathy wins with visitors. Partnering with Confluence on this project has been a great experience. We look forward to continuing to serve with our colleagues, who I am honored call friends: Eric, Dorota, Kora and Zoe.

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1Mountain Arts Pottery

We started out helping Mountain Arts Pottery with search engine optimization. Next, we moved on to get Google Analytics configured to track ecommerce conversions. Once those were complete, we paused some of our efforts with the hand-thrown pottery makers. After a couple years had passed, we re-engaged with them to help build a new website. We added new abilities to the website such as a wish list, and crafted it in a way that emphasizes the company they have become. I admire their ability to combine their spiritual beliefs with their business in a way that does a lot of good for their staff and community. I am fortunate and blessed to have worked with such an amazing group of talented artists.

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homepage of Mountain Arts Pottery website
Jelt belt online ad for travel

1Jelt Belts

Jelt makes elastic belts for a cause. Many causes, in fact. A portion of their proceeds goes to veterans and to environmental groups. They make great belts for kids. Jelt is a great steward for the environment by making the belts out of recycled materials. Did I mention they do this all while designing and manufacturing their products in the United States? In fact, they do so much good that they meet the rigorous standards required to be a certified B Corp. So when they asked us to help with their PPC and SEO efforts, we were stoked. We’ve increased impressions, engagement, and revenue for this outstanding Made in Montana company. Needless to say, we are proud to play a small role in this belt manufacturer’s success.

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1Visions Service Adventures

We are thankful for the opportunity to train the Visions team in maximizing their presence for conversions, SEO, and how to use Google Analytics well. We also helped with the development of their new website (Thanks Katherine, Jamie, and Meta). This Bozeman-based company helps student volunteers work here in Montana withIndian Reservations, and abroad in South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Cambodia. They’ve been providing programs for high school students abroad and bringing back culture to the greater Gallatin Valley and beyond for more 30+ years.

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Visions Service Adventures screenshot of services page
screenshot of the homepage from the Mountain Heating & Cooling website

1Mountain Heating & Cooling

Corey and his team needed a website overhaul. We improved the brand message, website experience, and search engine presence of this Bozeman HVAC Company. We utilized our graphic design skills to update their brand mascot Olé. We also provided art direction for their vehicle wraps, and established a close working relationship with Corey and his team. The creation and integration of a marketing strategy that transcended into real business results makes us proud.

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1Kalm with Kava

When Mike and I first started working on his website a few years ago, it was nothing more than a dream about selling some good tasting Kava. The brand had hardly any followers and a small presence on a few forums. Fast-forward to today, where his Kava product has grown into a profitable, viable business. Over the last few years, we worked with Mike and Jane to redesign the website, improve the online brand, and implement Pay Per Click and SEO guidance and strategies. We improved search engine rankings and set up analytics and tracking. We are extremely proud of our relationship with Mike and the business he has built up over the years. We look forward to being a part of his continued success.

Kalm with Kava homepage screenshot

Improving Our Clients’ Businesses is Our Passion

For that, the last 10 years at Big Storm have been awesome. We are always thinking about the future and the next 10 years of growth. We look forward to providing smart solutions to like-minded clients and friends.