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Wisetail LMS

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B2B Website Design

Wisetail delivers a video-based learning management system focused on providing restaurants, fitness companies, and other franchises a way to communicate, train, and educate staff digitally. We needed to show prospective clients Wisetail’s unique, forward-thinking culture and dedication to customer success and their mission of “Powering Great Places to Work.” So when Wisetail sought us out to help with their website redesign, we were honored, humbled, and excited to take on the challenge.

laptop viewing the old homepage for Wisetail, LMS


laptop viewing the Wisetail, LMS homepage


The Unique Challenges of #Indietech

Wisetail had success in promoting its #IndieTech messaging to restaurants and retail clients firsthand, but lacked a website that reflected its unique culture, product, and customer-centric mentality. That set the stage to overhaul the existing website. Working closely with their team, we created a digital brand refresh that was SEO-friendly, empowered sales staff, and provided a way to capture qualified leads. Their goals were simple: increase traffic to the website through organic search, allow the company culture to shine through the brand, and build trust with potential customers and employees. The internal brand and company culture was strong, but the prior website design lacked the luster it needed to convince clients of the product quality and culture.

How We Helped

At Big Storm, we set realistic expectations, vetted themes, and optimized the website to meet the client’s specific needs. We used best practices and our own experience to provide custom-tailored SEO recommendations. We worked side by side with PK, Courtney, Ray, Griff and the team at Wisetail to provide a pleasant user experience that is both SEO-friendly and focused on driving leads. We received valuable input from the sales team, took the time to gain customer insights about their Learning Management System, and even got to know their dogs on a first name basis.


New Users
  • We worked directly with the marketing and sales team at Wisetail to find appropriate solutions.
  • Collaborated closely with Courtney Fitzpatrick and PK Kirwan of Wisetail, who brought the creative vision and helped put the website together.


Organic SEO Traffic
  • We performed and integrated keyword research to better optimize our on-page content.
  • Provided guidance to better restructure content.
  • Optimized content for better search rankings.


Overall Traffic
  • Unified the platform under WordPress CMS and eliminated costs of additional landing page software.
  • Set up heatmap and visitor recording software to better understand the users and provide guidance on improvements.


  • Set up tracking and goals to better understand acquisition sources.
  • Set up acquisition funnels to drive more demo requests.
  • Designed and optimized landing pages for specific channels to drive more qualified leads.

Fresh Look, More Traffic, More Demos

The fresh look and feel of the new Wisetail website articulates the value of Wisetail’s Learning Management System. The data speaks for itself.

  • Increased number of new users by 94%
  • Increased overall traffic to the website by 126% YoY
  • Increased demo requests by 300%
  • Improved representation of the internal culture

As we look to the future, we strive to improve the user experience, increase search engine presence and transform the site as Wisetail continues to evolve.

What Wisetail Has to Say

“Big Storm has helped us with 2 evolutions of our website and online marketing strategy. From simple to sophisticated – it’s been great to be able to grow with another Bozeman company.”

Justin Bigart

Founder, Wisetail

“Big Storm helped our website come to life! They worked tirelessly with us to breathe new life into our site. Offering perspective, ideas, and suggestions, all while remaining open to collaboration with all of us at Wisetail. We are really looking forward to the ongoing collaboration with Drew and his team.”

Peter (PK) Kirwan

Chief Marketing Officer, Wisetail

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