macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several ways to help improve your efficiency with your Mac, but one of the most valuable techniques is learning keyboard shortcuts for macOS. These shortcuts are guaranteed to increase your productivity and help you complete your tasks faster and more efficiently.  

What are keyboard shortcuts?

A keyboard shortcut is a specific combination of keys that provide immediate action or access to a function on your computer.

Advantages to learning keyboard shortcuts for macOS:

  • Improve workflow and efficiency.
  • Complete tasks faster.
  • Improve navigation on your Mac.
  • Multi-task easily.

Time is money. So considering the list above, it is obvious how these advantages can easily save you money due to the time you save when utilizing keyboard shortcuts for macOS. But where to start? There are hundreds of shortcuts that you can learn, but not all are going to be valuable. To help you out and kick off your time savings, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider the most essential commands to improve your productivity on your Mac. Check out the table below to start learning the most valuable macOS keyboard shortcuts.

table of mac os keyboard shortcuts

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