May Spotify Playlist | Once a Pun a Playlist

Welcome to Big Storm’s very own music library. Each month our team selects a theme and curates our favorite songs to add to our Spotify playlist that we then get to share with you.

This month our team came up with “Once A Pun A Playlist”. It’s filled with songs that tell a story! Some songs have such a rich narrative, and this playlist is here to celebrate that. Think Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”, The Fray’s “How To Save a Life”, or— on another side of the coin— Tenacious D’s “Tribute”.

This playlist is a true mix of all the types of songs that tell a story with their lyrics. Get ready to feel all the feels, because this playlist is chock full of emotion and feeling (with some giggles for good measure).

If you’re looking for a song that tells a story, tune into this unique Spotify playlist specially curated by our wonderful team. It features everything from Pink Floyd to Tenacious D.

Make sure to check back next month to see what the Big Storm team is listening to in June, and follow Big Storm’s Spotify to always be up to date on the latest tunes.

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