Why Invest in Good Graphic Design

As a business owner or marketing manager, it is easy to discount the need for professional design services when considering the tight budget you have to work with. The misconception that graphic design is not important to your business’ success could not be farther from the truth. From brand recognition to increasing conversions on your website, design plays a huge part in making your business stand out from the competition. While it can seem as though you are solely spending time and money on aesthetics, good design affects your message to your customers and directly impacts sales. Here are four reasons why you should invest in good graphic design.


1. People Remember Good Design

Have you ever wondered why you can easily identify a McDonalds from a mile away on the interstate? Or from a quick sideways glance you notice there is a Starbucks down the block? People remember good design. Even through the pouring rain at night, you know those golden arches mean cheeseburgers and fries. You might not be looking to become the next mega burger or coffee chain, but your business should be looking for that same level of brand recognition. McDonalds and Starbucks use clean and consistent design throughout their products, marketing, and signage to express who they are and create brand recognition. You would never mistake Pepsi for Coke, because you know what their design looks like with a only a glance.


2. Good Design Clearly Communicates Your Brand to Your Audience

Good graphic design turns your internal vision and mission for your business into outward facing visuals for your customers. It’s not easy to condense all your ideas and goals for what your business is into one mission statement, let alone break it down even further for marketing materials. When you acknowledge your company’s need for design services, you increase your ability to express your brand to your audience upon first glance.

“Never mistake legibility for communication.”
David Carson


Design does not only mean logos and business cards. Good design transcends into language, advertising, and branding. Professional designers help translate your business into visual components for your customers. Without design you might lose the chance to effectively communicate who you are and why they should buy from or work with you.


3. Good Design Sets You Apart from Your Competition

We’ve all had the moment where we see a sign while walking down main street and think “Wow, that’s cool.” While we might not always be able to pinpoint exactly why we like a logo or product label, we just know we like it. Regardless of what the price difference or quality might be, people gravitate towards products they find more visually appealing. The same goes for logos. If your logo pales in comparison to your competition, chances are they are getting more people in the door because of their elevated and more professional design. You want your business to stand out from your competition, in a good way. Invest in design services and you will have a professional and unique look that sets you apart.


4. Good Design Increases Conversions/Sales

One of the most important reasons to invest in good graphic design is the fact that good design will increase sales. A nice-looking website or advertisement is great, but if it’s not generating any conversions, what’s the point? Professional designers know how to create to convert. User experience is a phrase most non-designers are not aware of, but UX directly impacts the success of your business. When a potential customer clicks on an ad you created and it leads them to a page on your website that is hard to navigate, you’ve just lost that sale. If your website’s homepage shows no clear path for a visitor to take to convert, you’ve just lost that sale. User experience is the journey your customers take before they make a purchase. Professional designers know how to lay out the proper signs and signals to ensure your customers user experience is a positive one. A negative user experience = no sale.When you invest in good graphic design, you are setting your business up for success. Make sure that when you are planning out your budget, design is included in the discussion. Ensure your brand sticks out from the competition with good and memorable design. This will help to communicate your brand’s vision and also lead to increased sales. Big Storm consists of professional designers with expert knowledge to improve your business with thoughtful design. Make the investment by contacting us to learn how we can help you.

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