Big Storm’s Core Values and why do they make us special?

2020 was a year that shifted a lot of norms, especially around doing business and choosing who to work with. As we hit the half-way point for 2021, we’ve noticed that more and more people are asking about who we are as people, what Big Storm stands for, and what our values are. We love talking about our core values because they are right at the heart of everything that we do, both with clients and partners and in our day-to-day interactions with one another.

Big Storm Core Values

Respect For All

Our first core value is centered around respect. At Big Storm we respect one another’s time, which in practice means that we are always on time and we do what we say we are going to do. This applies to coworkers and clients alike. It means that we are generous with our time and do what we can to help people out. We also bake respect into our communication, making sure that we take the time to understand first and then to be understood ourselves. In short, we respect the time and energy of those around us, and we build that respect into every interaction we have.

Create Great Experiences and Value

Our second core value is all about relationships and experiences. At Big Storm, we’re all about building great relationships while achieving goals that genuinely matter. We strive to create incredible experiences for our clients and to build lasting relationships along the way. As a digital marketing and web analytics agency, this means using technology to our advantage to reach marketing deliverables, but it’s much more than that. Relationships are at the heart of the experiences we create. Read more about Big Storm’s belief in relationships and great experiences.

Take Great Care

We are always looking to the future and taking the time to come up with solid goals to work towards as we create digital marketing strategies for clients. Again, though, this value extends into how we operate internally and we take the time to create internal and personal goals to strive towards as well. As we’re looking towards those goals and the future, we take care to make sure we’re asking each other what we can do next and how we can all support each other as we work to achieve our vision of the future.

Find a Better Way

We are committed to improving and doing what we can to find a better way for ourselves, our coworkers, and the clients we work with. We have learning and improvement in our roots, and will always strive to make things easier and better for everyone around us.

We All Win

Big Storm is a team. We care about one another and everybody has a voice here. We will listen to everyone’s ideas and inputs, and we’ll celebrate victories as a team. We have a channel in Slack dedicated to wins and we all light up as someone shares a win, no matter how big or small. We work hard to hold onto those roots, and to make sure that as we go along everyone is included and is heard.

Big Storm is a digital marketing agency, but we are also real people who care deeply about those around us. When you work with Big Storm, we will take the time to truly get to know you and would love for you to take the time to get to know us as well.


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