Utilizing AI: Big Storm’s Approach to Innovation

Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed in the United States. Semrush reports that “73% of U.S. companies are now reportedly using AI in some aspect of their business”—and for good reason. AI can help businesses of all sizes and shapes automate routine tasks, handle large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, and improve processes. With AI being incorporated into more workflows, businesses need to create a thoughtful approach to AI that sets the standard for how their company uses AI responsibly and protects their clients.

At Big Storm, we’re innovators who are always looking for a better way to achieve success for our clients. One way we do that is by being on top of new technologies, like AI, and finding ways to weave them into our processes. In doing so, we enhance our services and ensure our clients’ needs are met with precision and efficiency. Because we incorporate AI into our workflows, we created a set of AI principles that guide our team’s AI usage. Read on to learn more about our AI approach and how we responsibly use this tool to strengthen and refine the services we provide our clients.

Big Storm’s AI Approach

While AI is a revolutionary technology, it can never replace the creativity, discernment, and expertise that Big Storm brings to our clients. With that in mind, we are committed to using AI to enhance our clients’ experiences. We will do this in a way that ensures our use of AI technology respects all individuals and creates value for our clients.

What is AI?

AI is the new frontier of technology, a realm of smart machines that can perform extraordinary feats of analysis and decision-making. At its core, AI uses real-time data to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include understanding natural language, recognizing patterns in data, making decisions, and more. Some examples of popular AI tools include Jasper AI, ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, Hubspot AI tools, and more.

Why Do We Use AI?

At Big Storm, we leverage AI tools to enhance our marketing, web design, content creation, and digital strategy services. By integrating these AI capabilities into our workflows, we aim to deliver our clients more efficient, innovative, and targeted solutions. A commitment to ethical standards guides our use of AI tools. We ensure our services are not only effective but also respectful of privacy and transparency.

Principles that Guide Our AI Usage

Integrating AI into our services is a strategic decision that aligns with our core values: Respect For All, Create Great Experiences and Value, Take Great Care, Find a Better Way, and We All Win. These principles guide us in how we use AI in our work.

Respect for All: By integrating AI into our processes, we uphold a deep understanding for the uniqueness of our clients’ needs. This technology enables us to address these needs with precision and empathy, which include our clients’ confidentiality and privacy.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy: We prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of our client’s information. Our AI technologies are designed to safeguard your sensitive data, ensuring that no clients’ personal or proprietary information is shared without explicit consent. Any AI-related incidents that may occur, including unintended outcomes or data breaches, will be addressed immediately. Our AI protocols ensure that any security concerns or misuse of AI technologies will be reported directly to the CEO and/or HR Director and handled promptly.

Create Great Experiences and Value: AI is a pivotal tool in our quest to deliver unparalleled value and exceptional experiences. Through AI, we not only enhance our service offerings but empower our clients with solutions that drive their success. This approach is at the heart of building lasting, impactful relationships, which include enhancing client engagement and innovating for better solutions.

  • Enhancing Client Engagement: We leverage AI to create more engaging and personalized client experiences. By better understanding your needs, our AI-enhanced services aim to deliver greater client value and satisfaction.
  • Innovation for Better Solutions: We continuously seek innovative AI applications to find better ways to solve challenges, improve our services, and more efficiently achieve our clients’ goals.

Take Great Care: The application of AI in our work reflects our commitment to care. Whether it’s ensuring the accuracy of our communications or tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client, AI helps us serve with a higher degree of precision and consideration. This includes our ethical use of AI and being transparent in our use of it.

  • Ethical AI Use: We commit to the ethical use of AI, ensuring that our technologies are used responsibly, with consideration for potential impacts on our clients.
  • Transparency: We believe in being transparent about our use of AI technologies. This includes clear communication about how AI is used in our services for our clients and how decisions are made using AI.

Find a Better Way: Our embrace of AI embodies our relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency. By leveraging AI, we not only streamline our processes but also discover new avenues for creative problem-solving. This ensures that we are always finding a better way to serve our clients and continuously improve our operations by learning and adapting.

  • Continuous Improvement: Our AI implementations are continually evaluated and improved upon. We seek feedback from our clients and use it to make our AI solutions more effective and aligned with your evolving needs.
  • Learning and Adaptation: We embrace AI’s potential for learning and adaptation, using these capabilities to refine our processes and offerings continually.

We All Win: Incorporating AI into our work culture fosters an environment of continuous improvement and collective success. As we explore the possibilities AI offers, we empower our employees and clients alike. We establish a landscape where collaborative innovation leads to shared successes and mutual growth.

  • Collaboration: We view AI as a tool for enhancing collaboration between our team and our clients, ensuring that technology strengthens rather than replaces the human elements of our services.
  • Shared Success: Our success is intertwined with our clients’ success. We work towards shared victories and accomplishments by leveraging AI to support mutual goals.

Harness the AI Power of Big Storm’s Web Design & Marketing Services

Having a thoughtful approach to AI in place not only guides how our team uses AI but ensures we responsibly provide our clients with the very best web design and marketing solutions. The prevalence of AI in business will only continue to grow—and with it, other new technologies will emerge. At Big Storm, we take pride in leading the way by using these new innovations to create big wins for our clients. Ready to see how our marketing and design services can help grow your business? Drop us a line and reach out today!

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