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Why Invest In Good Graphic Design graphic
Why Invest in Good Graphic Design

As a business owner or marketing manager, it is easy to discount the need for professional design services when considering the tight budget you have to work with…

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10 Projects We Are Proud Of - Big Storm blog post cover
10 Years of Web Design & Marketing

Ten years ago, I said yes to being a business owner. Over that time, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. I’ve worked to take care of…

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Two people talking over plans on paper next to each other
Market Research Before Web Design and other Tactics

Often times I get asked to “design a website” or “do some SEO” or “Run Adwords”. What businesses don’t always realize is that doing a little bit of market research before they embark on revamping their web design or starting an Adwords campaign can move the needle much further than if they just start out with tactics alone…

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graphic illustration of a desktop computer with a Google Chrome web browser open
Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome browser shortcuts are beneficial in a variety of ways. By learning some simple keyboard shortcuts, you can speed up your searches, quickly gain valuable insights about your leads, and ultimately be more productive at home and in the workplace…

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graphic illustration of an open envelope with a piece of paper coming out of it
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are beneficial in a variety of ways. They increase work productivity and help you to accomplish more tasks with the keyboard instead of a mouse…

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graphic illustration of scissors cutting a keyboard
macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several ways to help improve your efficiency with your Mac, but one of the most valuable techniques is learning keyboard shortcuts for macOS…

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carol hagan case study cover graphic
Carol Hagan ECommerce Web Design

Carol Hagan is a Montana artist whose 15-year-old website was in need of a refresh. Her existing website looked straight from 1995 and was not a stylish or effective…

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graphic with charts and arrows showing an increase in the measured data
Let’s Talk About Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

One of the services we provide that often gets lumped in with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization. Conversion Rate Optimization is not about…

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Angel Coil & Bartlett Case Study
Angel, Coil & Bartlett Digital Marketing

Angel, Coil & Bartlett has helped citizens in the Bozeman area know and understand their rights for many years. The firm has represented individuals in the areas of…

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Montana Silversmiths PPC Case Study
Montana Silversmiths PPC

Montana Silversmiths has been designing and selling hand-crafted silver buckles and jewelry in the US since 1973. The company is the official silversmith of …

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